Risk Intelligent Events

Risk Intelligent Events

To safeguard communities through the intelligent provision of world class risk, safety and emergency management services.

The success of your event is measured in many ways and safety is one of them. Events vary in size, nature and type, but all events require assessment, control and monitoring of risks. When planning an event it is imperative to ensure the safety of all those involved; not only the safety of participants must be taken into consideration but also that of all employees, contractors, volunteers and members of the general public.

Our specialists will work with you to identify the potential hazards and assess the associated risks. We will develop appropriate risk control measures to minimise the potential for injury or harm. Through the development of an Event Safety Management Plan we’ll document all of the event’s Health & Safety arrangements and procedures including the site build and bump in, the live event and then the bump out. We’ll help you develop Emergency Response Plans, contingency options and OHS site rules and induction programs.

During the event, our onsite Risk and Safety Officer will work with program organisers to provide you with peace of mind that your risk levels are as low as reasonably possible as well as ensuring a rapid response to any unforeseen challenges that might arise.

Multiple suppliers? No problem!

We are able to help you review and verify contractor and supplier insurances, e.g. Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Workers Compensation; risk assessments, Safe Work Method Statements, for any high risk activities and Currencies, Certificates, Registrations, Accreditations, etc, confirming that your suppliers are qualified to practice their trade. Examples would include the paramedics are current and registered to practice, the Security Guards that are rostered hold a Class 1 Security Licence, etc.

As the site is built, we’ll be looking for sign-offs from the relevant engineers for the pontoons, the rigs, any other structures, and we’ll look for compliant electrical installations and tested, tagged cables, cords and equipment.

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