Independent Reviews & Investigations

Independent Reviews & Investigations

Do you need some independent advice, assessment or analysis on a particular matter, particularly in the areas of risk, safety, emergency management, major incidents, rescue operations or aviation incidents? You’ve experienced a critical incident or near miss?

The Risk Intelligence team includes subject matter experts and seasoned investigators who are highly skilled and experienced in the provision of reviews and examination of issues. Our depth of experience includes public, corporate and community events, sport and competitions, aviation, emergency services and operations and community, charitable and not-for-profit organisations.

What is a Critical Incident Review?

A Critical Incident Review will focus on an event, including examining the circumstances surrounding it, the actions of those involved, responses to the event and the outcomes. It is important to note that the review is not aimed at attributing blame and / or fault to any party involved in the event. Instead the intention is to better understand what happened (and why) and to establish what measures can be taken to reduce the likelihood or consequence of the same thing happening in the future.

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