CPR…Staying Alive – but there’s more!

One of our favourite TV shows is Rake. It’s a courtroom comedy drama with an outstanding Australian cast, headed up by Richard Roxburgh. The legal team recently reunited to create a short video clip promoting CPR and the ease of doing resuscitation.

Cardiac arrest kills too many people every year. Many of these are at public events and we now see event organisers moving away from first aid responders to hiring paramedics to provide a full medical response.

Below is a link to the story and video clip. Before you watch it, we have two messages. Firstly, CPR is really easy to do and there is nothing to be afraid of. Secondly, we often see on TV and in movies – and in this video clip – that the patient usually comes around, coughs and splutters and all is ok after only a couple of minutes of CPR. In reality this is not the case. Our team have been involved in so many CPR cases and resuscitation usually lasts for quite some time. The lesson here is not to fret if your patient fails to respond to CPR. Just keep going until paramedics arrive.

Anyway, enjoy Shock Verdict. don’t be afraid of helping with CPR and even consider learning resuscitation skills…it’s pretty easy!

Here’s the link to the video: https://www.utas.edu.au/shockverdict