Business Continuity – Navigating the COVID-19 Uncertainty

As COVID-19 gathers momentum, we have seen the Australian landscape impacted significantly. There’s been a lot of media chatter around the impact the virus will have on big business (think of the airlines, the banks), but the hard hits will also be on sporting organisations – and we don’t just mean the NRL, the AFL

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Coronoravirus and event safety. Are we at risk?

It first emerged in a live animal market only a few months ago in Wuhan, a city of around 10 million people in Central China.   Coronavirus, officially named COVID-19 and previously unknown to science, has killed at least 2,810 people, infected more than 82,550 and led to the lockdown of millions in central China in

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CPR…Staying Alive – but there’s more!

One of our favourite TV shows is Rake. It’s a courtroom comedy drama with an outstanding Australian cast, headed up by Richard Roxburgh. The legal team recently reunited to create a short video clip promoting CPR and the ease of doing resuscitation. Cardiac arrest kills too many people every year. Many of these are at

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Air Quality challenges outdoor activities this weekend

I’m looking out of the window at our Port Stephens office and there is an eerie grey / orange feel to the atmosphere. We haven’t seen blue sky for days and the air is rancid with the smell of bushfire smoke. The car is constantly covered in red dust and ash – and we’re 100’s

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